Linn Koch-Emmery’s latest single, ‘Ebay Armour’, is a testament to her evolving artistic prowess and a promising precursor to her upcoming sophomore album. After the success of ‘Falling Down’ and the Grammy-nominated debut album, ‘Being The Girl‘, the indie sensation has teamed up with renowned producer Pete Robertson for this captivating modern indie-rock tune.

Collaborating with Robertson, known for his work with Beabadobee and Clairo, Linn Koch-Emmery delves into a new realm of vulnerability and emotion, evident in the meticulously crafted ‘Ebay Armour’. The song’s hazy sonics and reverb-soaked vocals, characteristic of Linn’s distinct style, are complemented by surprising versatility, engaging and intriguing listeners from start to finish. The lyrics navigate a complex emotional landscape, addressing themes of frustration, escapism, introspection, and a yearning for positive change.

In ‘Ebay Armour’, Linn draws inspiration from the illogical ways people cope with trauma and grief. The song explores the coping mechanisms of a person close to her, unraveling layers of emotion and providing a poignant narrative.

Linn Koch-Emmery’s musical journey, stemming from her childhood in Hamburg and upbringing in Norrk√∂ping, has been marked by an independent connection to music. From daydreams fuelled by music to forming a solo career, her trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. The critically acclaimed debut album solidified her position as a talented storyteller, and ‘Ebay Armour’ further establishes her as an artist unafraid to explore new depths.

As the anticipation for her upcoming album builds, Linn Koch-Emmery stands on the brink of global recognition. Positioned as one of the most captivating contenders for inclusion in the 2024 “Ones to Watch” lists, she continues to ride the wave of momentum, promising an enthralling musical journey that encapsulates the essence of her evolution as an artist. ‘Ebay Armour’ serves as a compelling preview of what’s to come from this indie sensation in the months ahead.

Photo by Rory Cole

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