Kai Bosch’s upcoming EP, ‘Love, Throw Me A Bone‘, is a poignant journey through the wreckage of heartbreak, epitomised by the defiant anthem ‘Funny’. With this track, Bosch delivers a cathartic punch straight from the depths of emotional turmoil.

‘Funny’ is not just a break-up song; it’s a raw outpouring of anger and resentment, born from the bitter realisation that the one you loved has moved on without a second thought. Bosch’s vocals drip with disdain as he lays bare his feelings, accompanied by a backdrop of smooth textures and infectious hooks that pull you into his world of hurt and betrayal.

The song’s genesis, as described by Bosch himself, adds an extra layer of authenticity to its delivery. Fuelled by a chance encounter with his ex, Bosch channels his raw emotions into an unfiltered lyrical assault, capturing the tumultuous whirlwind of feelings that accompany heartbreak.

‘Funny’ stands out as a testament to Bosch’s willingness to delve into the darker corners of human emotion. It’s a track that resonates with anyone who has experienced the sting of betrayal and the burning desire for vindication. With this release, Kai Bosch solidifies his position as a rising star in the alt-pop scene, showcasing both his musical talent and his ability to connect on a deeply personal level.

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