Happy for Real’s latest offering, ‘News’, emerges as a refreshing departure from the relentless pursuit of self-improvement in today’s age. As the ’90s nostalgia wave sweeps through pop culture, this Swiss indie duo, led by Olivia Virgolin and Marcus Petendi, skilfully propels their sound into the contemporary indie scene.

The track, part of their EP ‘Desperate Art‘, showcases a musical evolution marked by edgier and rougher tones, maintaining the catchiness that defines their style. The lead single, ‘News’, resonates with a newfound self-confidence, echoed in the defiant lyric “nothing left to prove” harmonised by Virgolin and Petendi.

In an era dominated by constant self-optimisation, ‘News’ serves as a liberating anthem, offering solace to those who crave a reprieve from the relentless pursuit of perfection. Happy for Real embraces the lack of a plan with sobriety, celebrating personal shortcomings rather than concealing them. The authenticity embedded in their music is a testament to their ability to channel the legacy of bands like Bloc Party into a modern context, a feat achieved unlike any other local group.

Produced by Gethin Pearson at the Institute Of Sonic Architecture in West Wales, ‘Desperate Art‘ is set for digital and 12″ vinyl release on March 1st, 2024. Happy for Real’s ‘News’ stands out not only as a musical achievement but as a timely anthem for those seeking respite from the pressure of constant self-improvement.

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