‘My Name is Jackis the latest single from Manchester-based three-piece, The Osragli Band. Following the release of singles Rolling Thunderand Legends A Jokein 2023, My name is Jack is a beautifully sick and twisted track that kicks off the the band’s year in the right direction – full steam ahead.

With Finn on drums, Codie on bass and Os on keys and vocals, the trio tell a story through steady drumbeats, balladic lyrics and distorted vocal effects. The Osragli Band strive to take the listener on a journey, with each track unravelling a story built on stand out melodies and lyrics that uncover a new perspective with each listen. Their multi-faceted tracks make The Osragli Band like nothing you’ve listened to before, and their latest addition of ‘My Name is Jack continues their domination of all things wonderfully divergent.

My name is Jackbegins with a dark, heavy beat that could easily be imagined as a begrudging walk where each foot thumping the ground seems to have an ulterior motive. Like how one might transfer their intense emotions through the squeeze a stressball. The rad artwork that comes along with My name is Jack acts as the perfect accoutrement, pulling essences of 80’s punk rock to reflect untameable emotion that can boil up from within.

Through raw vocals dipped in a rich Mancunian twang, Os sets the scene by introducing the protagonist of the track. Alongside lines such as “Pot kettle black”, and “I caught you in the act”, we get the impression that our Jack has witnessed something that has planted a seed of anger in his head, one that spreads and develops as the song goes on.

As we walk with Jack towards the end of the song, harmonies, layered vocals and a build up of drums has us spiralling as both emotion and the music begin to intensify. Repetitions of “My name is Jack” and “You don’t look back” perfectly emulate thoughts running on high speed as anger and upset can blur rational thoughts and consequences, especially as you see ‘red’.

Packed with these theatrics and such raw feeling, My name is Jack is a blooming onion where layer after layer can be peeled back and examined, and what a joy it is to do so.

Through carefully crafted beats, and vocal effects, My name is Jack captures how anger, hurt and any other red hot emotion can ‘spread like a disease’ through the body, making it a cathartic and addictive listen. In spite of portraying such relatable emotions a mystery still remains around the character, the motive and their consequential actions – creating a dark yet beautifully unique edge. From recording a song with Elbow’s Craig Potter last year to this amazing start to 2024, fans can anticipate exciting times ahead.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

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