Cat Ryan, the indie sensation from Newcastle, have unveiled their much-anticipated debut EP, ‘King of the World‘, a significant milestone in their journey since establishment in 2018. Led by the dynamic Mary-Anne Murphy, the band’s vibrant indie-pop/shoegaze sound draws inspiration from Vampire Weekend and Declan McKenna, earning them acclaim on BBC Radio 1, at Truck Festival, Y NOT Festival, and supporting Sundara Karma.

The hallmark of Cat Ryan’s music lies in robust melodies, infectious hooks, and a penchant for musical experimentation. Mary-Anne Murphy, the band’s lead singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter, explores thought-provoking themes through carefully-crafted lyrics, bringing a profound dimension to the songs.

Released on December 15th, ‘King of the World‘ brought an eclectic mix of melodic innovation and thematic depth, solidifying Cat Ryan’s position at the forefront of the emerging indie music scene. The EP holds deep personal significance, featuring some of Mary-Anne’s earliest compositions for the project dating back to 2017. After years of artistic evolution, these songs have been revisited, reworked, and recorded, reflecting the true and diverse essence of Cat Ryan’s style.

The opening track, ‘Speeding Too Slow’, navigates the complexities of a potential romantic relationship hindered by life’s rapid pace. The playful and upbeat character, combined with jig-like rhythms, captures the irony of missed chances and the hope that lingers in ambiguity towards the end. Serving as the EP’s vibrant lead single, ‘Rex Mundi’ tells an empowering narrative from the perspective of a greyhound seeking freedom. The title, translating to “king of the world”, sets the tone for the EP, with the fast-paced music mirroring the essence of Rex Mundi, the greyhound.

‘Interlude’, an experimental piece from 2018, finds its place in the EP, introducing mystery and intrigue. This instrumental break in the narrative provides a moment of reflection midway through the release. ‘Lost My Connection’ details the breakdown of a long-distance relationship, capturing the challenges of modern relationships mediated through digital connections. Uplifting melodies mask the sad undertones, reflecting the individual’s desire to find hope in the face of a breakup. ‘Daydream’ delves into intense themes of love and personal insecurities within a relationship, showcasing a mellower sound with emotionally resonant tones. The shoegaze-influenced melodies create a captivating finale to the EP.

King of the World‘ stands as a testament to Cat Ryan’s artistic growth and ability to weave compelling narratives through their music. The EP’s diversity, coupled with Mary-Anne Murphy’s introspective lyricism, offers listeners a captivating journey into the heart of indie eclecticism. Cat Ryan’s debut is a promising glimpse into the band’s potential, leaving audiences eager for more from this emerging indie powerhouse.

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