WRKHOUSE’s debut single ‘Getaway’ emerges as a forceful anthem, blending the emotional depth of Foals with the introspective clarity of Boygenius. This hard-hitting alt-pop track not only sets a high standard for the band’s future releases but also offers a glimpse into their meticulously crafted sonic landscape.

The soaring synths and relentless drums create a pulsating backdrop for the raw, emotionally charged lyrics that take centre stage. ‘Getaway’ unfolds a narrative of a tumultuous relationship, capturing the complexities of love and pain with poignant honesty. The juxtaposition of airy melodies against punchy instrumentals adds layers of depth to the track, drawing listeners into its evocative storytelling.

Lead singer Lewys Meredydd’s impassioned delivery further amplifies the song’s intensity, showcasing the band’s ability to infuse personal experiences with universal resonance. As Meredydd explains, ‘Getaway’ marks a new chapter for WRKHOUSE, signalling a shift towards bilingualism and a broader creative direction.

Amidst accolades from BBC Introducing Wales and BBC Cymru Fyw, WRKHOUSE proves their mettle as one of the most promising acts in the UK music scene. With sold-out shows and a coveted slot at Lakefest 2023, the band has already begun to carve out a dedicated fan base eagerly awaiting their next move.

As WRKHOUSE prepares to embark on a launch tour and unveil more bilingual compositions, ‘Getaway’ stands as a testament to their artistic evolution and unwavering passion. With its infectious energy and poignant lyricism, this debut single solidifies WRKHOUSE’s position as a formidable presence in the alt-pop landscape.


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