Concrete Club’s latest offering, ‘Riverswimmin”, is a captivating dive into the indie rock scene that showcases the band’s unique style and musical prowess. Hailing from Manchester, this quartet, formed in 2022, have quickly made a mark with their energetic live performances and a sound that defies easy categorisation.

The song kicks off with choppy rhythms that immediately grab your attention, setting the stage for what unfolds as a sonic adventure. The vocals, delivered by Jonny B, add a distinct character to the track, reminiscent of indie rock legends like The Kinks and The Jam. The synth-drenched chorus bursts forth with a contagious energy, featuring big hooks that are sure to resonate with fans of anthemic, guitar-rooted indie pop.

Concrete Club’s ability to draw inspiration from a wide array of musical influences is evident in ‘Riverswimmin”. While tipping their cap to the Manchester indie sound of previous years, the band takes a bold step forward, experimenting with the parameters of indie rock and pop. The result is a song that reimagines the mundanities of life, explores the pursuit of a better world, and captures the joys of navigating the challenges while chasing down a dream. The band’s chemistry is palpable, with Jonny B and Kallum’s shared love for David Bowie and New Order forming the foundation of their musical partnership. Recruiting Jonny M on drums and adding Jamie to enrich their sound, Concrete Club have honed their craft since forming in 2022.

‘Riverswimmin” is not just a song; it’s a testament to Concrete Club’s commitment to pushing boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the indie rock landscape. As they continue to evolve and explore new musical territories, Concrete Club is a band to watch, and ‘Riverswimmin” is a compelling introduction to their sonic journey.

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