Rien du Sol’s latest single, ‘Mahogany’, is a poignant exploration of the human experience, offering an intimate glimpse into the personal journey of band member Nymea. Born from a rooftop in Budapest and refined in London, Rien du Sol embraces modern alternative rock, drawing inspiration from the likes of grandson, MISSIO, and Yonaka.

Recorded at REX Studio in London and expertly mixed and mastered by Federico Ascari, ‘Mahogany’ transcends mere musicality to become a powerful narrative on mental health. The single delves into the depths of anxiety attacks, revealing the solace found by Nymea in a simple yet profound act – lying on the floor and embracing deliberate breathing.

The track’s upbeat tempo reflects the ambivalence of life’s struggles, offering a musical anchor for those grappling with similar challenges. Nymea’s honest exploration of his personal narrative transforms ‘Mahogany’ into a source of solace, fostering relatability and understanding. The songs authenticity becomes a beacon of support, encouraging listeners to find strength even in their lowest moments. With its powerful message and infectious melodies, ‘Mahogany’ stands as a testament to Rien du Sol’s resilience and musical prowess.

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