Loose Buttons’ latest release, ‘I Saw Jon Hamm At The Beach’, is a musical narrative that transcends the boundaries of a typical song. Inspired by an encounter with the iconic Jon Hamm, the track serves as a refreshing departure from the traditional pedestal often reserved for leading men. Eric Nizgretsky, the frontman, shares his experience of witnessing Hamm in a candid moment, shattering the ‘leading man’ facade and revealing a regular guy enjoying a day at the beach with loved ones.

The song cleverly intertwines the anecdote with a deeper exploration of the pursuit of perfection, using Hamm’s presence as a symbol. The lyrics poignantly convey the yearning for an idealised version of oneself while acknowledging the inherent flaws in such aspirations.

Loose Buttons, a four-piece outfit hailing from New York, showcase their prowess in crafting infectious downtown Rock n’ Roll. With accolades from Stereogum and The Fader, the band’s ability to deliver a sun-dappled garage sound is evident in this release. ‘I Saw Jon Hamm At The Beach’ not only captures a memorable encounter but also serves as a testament to Loose Buttons’ talent in seamlessly blending narrative and music. Their commitment to social causes, as exemplified by benefit shows supporting Ukraine, adds depth to their artistic identity.

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