Garvie’s latest release, ‘Boring’, defies its title with a high-energy indie pop vibe that is far from dull. The bravely-titled track explores the age-old question of whether boredom stems from being boring or not, but fear not – Garvie injects a contagious dose of fun into the mix.

The tongue-in-cheek lyrics reveal a brutal honesty that resonates with the universal fear of being perceived as boring. Garvie confesses to the relatable worry of being the person at the party nobody wants to get stuck chatting with. The narrative is cleverly woven with a nod to the infectious nature of dullness, inspired by the humour of “What We Do In The Shadows”.

Musically, ‘Boring’ borrows elements from various genres, featuring a searing, bit-crushed, chromatic guitar riff reminiscent of Elastica and The Hives. Garvie’s love for bit-crushed gameboy-style synths adds a modern twist, while the hyperactive production style keeps the song dynamically engaging.

Garvie’s irreverent charm and lively production drag ‘Boring’ into the present day, making it a celebration of the mundane. So, forget your exciting 2024 plans and revel in your vanilla side with Garvie’s infectious and anything-but-boring anthem.


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