LONG ISLAND’s latest single, ‘homewrecker’, delivers a punchy anthem that encapsulates the essence of youthful defiance and self-realisation. The band, comprising Rhiannon Stephenson on vocals, Cameron Conner on guitar, Paddy Spence-Lewis on bass, and Jan van Beem on drums, emanates raw energy and passion throughout the track.

Recorded at Vibrations Studios in Huddersfield, the production prowess of Cameron and engineering finesse of Paddy shine through, enhancing the song’s dynamic sound. Mastered by Grant Berry from Fader Mastering, the track achieves a perfect balance of grit and polish. With influences ranging from Fickle Friends to PVRIS, LONG ISLAND crafts a unique blend of indie and drum and bass elements, setting them apart in the music scene. ‘homewrecker’ serves as a cathartic anthem, channeling the frustration of past heartbreaks into a defiant declaration of self-worth.

As Cameron aptly puts it, “‘homewrecker’ embodies the journey of personal growth and empowerment. It’s a reminder that we have the power to rise above bitterness and embrace our own self-worth.” LONG ISLAND’s latest release marks an exciting chapter in their musical journey, solidifying their status as one of the scene’s most promising acts.


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