London-based indie rock duo Into Surf, comprised of childhood friends Matt Smith and Rob Parker, have unleashed their debut EP, simply titled ‘Into Surf‘, offering a compelling glimpse into their musical world. Released on July 20, 2023, the EP stands as a testament to the duo’s resilience, creativity, and a desire for a fresh start.

The four-track EP kicks off with ‘Awake’, a 4-minute and 20-second sonic journey that immediately immerses listeners in the band’s signature sound. Matt and Rob’s intertwined vocals ride the wave of a dynamic guitar-driven melody, setting the tone for the entire EP. ‘Fade’ follows with a slightly shorter runtime but doesn’t compromise on the emotional depth, showcasing the duo’s ability to craft poignant, introspective lyrics.

‘Slow’ and ‘Feel’ maintain the EP’s atmospheric vibe, with the former living up to its title, offering a contemplative pace. The EP concludes with ‘Feel’, a nearly four-minute track that leaves a lasting impression, combining introspection with a burst of energy, embodying the duo’s ethos of embracing change.

In their press release, Matt and Rob open up about their musical influences, citing Foals and Bombay Bicycle Club, and it’s evident in their music. The EP captures the essence of these influences while Into Surf adds their unique touch, creating a distinct sonic identity.

The intimate production process in their Islington flat adds authenticity to the EP. The decision to keep the project exclusive to the duo, both in creation and reception, reflects a commitment to artistic integrity. It’s a personal journey for Into Surf, evident in the vulnerability of their lyrics, exploring themes of change, personal struggles, and growth.

Into Surf‘ is more than just a musical venture; it’s a testament to friendship, resilience, and the power of creative expression. The delayed promotion only adds to the narrative, signifying a renewed dedication to their craft. Into Surf’s debut EP is a promising start, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating their future endeavors.

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