At the beginning of 2024, Manchester’s own Andy Goodwin dropped his latest single ‘Fred Perry Girl’. A track reminiscent of the classic indie pop hits of the 00’s, ‘Fred Perry Girlis a catchy anthem representative of those who preach that you’ll find the one when you least expect it.

With his Mancunian accent ringing loud and proud, Andy Goodwin’s latest track Fred Perry Girl brings forth a sense of nostalgia, warmth and and instant likeability. Despite us being in the depths of a grey, British winter, Fred Perry Girl screams summer, pub gardens and group pics for the ‘gram – all whilst perfectly replicating the rollercoaster that is falling headfirst into a new relationship.

A deliciously sticky sweet mixture of guitar, light jazzy piano and wispy backing vocals, Andy takes us on a journey down the tunnel of love as we tumble through a romance that kickstarts with just a glimpse from across the bar. In the modern-day fairy tale scene Fred Perry Girl paints, we understand that it’s an instance of love at first sight as charming, “soft lad poetry” takes us from a single glance, to proclamations of that he may have just found the one.

Filling us all with a cookie cutter kind of love, Andy’s lyrics reflect a stream of loved up consciousness as he whips us all up into this whirlwind romance. As he talks about his dreams with this girl he’s just met, Andy’s track reminds us of how easy conversation flows when you’ve found the right person to share it with. Stories, secrets, dreams and fears just keep coming, as funky electric guitar and a poppy drum beat complete this romcom worthy montage.

With lines sounding like they come straight from the love-heart laden pages of a journal, ‘Fred Perry Girl is an ode to how it takes no time at all to fall in love. Andy seems to have a found a gal so perfect, dreams and aspirations of stardom take a back seat as a love so strong straps itself behind the wheel. He depicts a love that’s unpredictable and disruptive – but one that fills a void and becomes the centre of new hopes and dreams.

You really can’t go wrong with a relatable, sing-a-long tune that sounds its best when blasted from your bedroom speaker, and Fred Perry Girlprovides just that. This latest release has made a lasting impression on fans, including the guys over at BBC Radio 6 when it was featured on the Indie Forever show. After this fresh drop, Andy has truly set a precedent and fans are left eager to hear more.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

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