The GUIZE’s latest single, ‘Bardo House’, delves deep into the complexities of mental health, offering a poignant narrative through the lens of a schizophrenic psychotic breakdown. With a personal touch, guitarist Jassy draws inspiration from a family member’s struggles with schizophrenia, infusing raw emotion into the lyrics that vividly depict the harrowing experience of losing touch with reality.

The track marks a significant milestone for the Liverpool-based pop/rock band, serving as their eighth single and debut release under their new alias. ‘Bardo House’ doesn’t shy away from tackling heavy subject matter; instead, it confronts it head-on with unflinching honesty and empathy.

From the haunting refrain of “The voices in my head, They all scream Bardo!” to the chilling realisation of losing grip on one’s sanity, the song encapsulates the disorienting journey of grappling with mental illness. Jassy’s candid reflections on witnessing a loved one’s breakdown lend an authentic depth to the music, resonating with listeners on a profound level.

While the lyrics may initially overwhelm with their intensity, they ultimately serve to illuminate the inner turmoil of those battling mental health issues. Through ‘Bardo House’, The GUIZE not only delivers a powerful musical experience but also fosters a greater understanding and empathy towards individuals navigating the labyrinth of their own minds.

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