‘Monsters’ is the newest single from Manchester’s own, Foxglove. Plucked straight from their debut EP, ‘Monsters’ follows the success of their previous single ‘Tell Me a Story’, but this time around, essences of 90s and 00s classics coat this tune as we’re urged to shake off the past that haunts us and embrace what’s ahead.

Having got us moving and grooving with their previous release, ‘Tell Me a Story’, ‘Monsters’ weaves an entirely different tale. Bouncy guitar, pop-rock drums and the angel vocal stylings of lead sing Abi bring about total ’00s teen rom-com’ energy, as its bounce and catchy chorus create the perfect soundtrack to shedding your skin and starting anew.

This four-piece indie band began their endeavour back in 2017, and together have created a shoegazey sound that mirrors the likes of The Cranberries, Alanis Morrisette and 1975 – bringing it right back to 2024. And this dedication to bringing forth nostalgic vibes of chokers, sun dresses and platform mary-janes is unequivocally achieved with the recent drop of ‘Monsters’.

Dreamy layered vocals are paired with a mixture of pop rock guitar and distorted melodies to create this delicious concoction. Although called ‘Monsters’, there’s nothing scary about the beautifully affirming lyrics that put an arm around your shoulders and state we shouldn’t have such a firm grasp on the past – it blinds us to the future and the possibilities that lie ahead.

With ‘Monsters’, we learn that allowing ourselves, or our friends, to be haunted by the ghost of the person we used to be, holds us back from that euphoric moment of moving on and letting go – something ‘Monsters’ paints so well towards the end of the song, with symbolic images of blooming flowers and lush green grass.

As true connoisseurs of euphoric indie pop, ‘Monsters’ is a fabulous addition to Foxglove’s repertoire. After performing at Leeds Festival last year, and gathering attention from radio stations across the UK, Foxglove’s future is undoubtedly bright. Manchester fans, be sure to catch them at their next gig on 17th May at the Deaf Institute, and in the meantime – catch the music video for ‘Monsters’ now.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

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