MAGNETS’ latest single, ‘SPEAK’, resonates as an empowering anthem amidst the chaos of today’s world. Crafted by Naarm-based artist Siobhan McGinnity, MAGNETS delivers a compelling message that urges listeners to confront the challenges they face head-on. McGinnity’s blend of sparkling indie-pop, coupled with her poignant lyricism, creates a sonic landscape that captivates and inspires.

Driven by her personal journey and passion for sustainability, McGinnity channels her experiences with the climate crisis and fast fashion into the soul-stirring melodies of ‘SPEAK’. Her introspective lyrics, born from a period of housebound solitude, reflect a deep understanding of the environmental impact of consumerism. Through her advocacy work and online presence, McGinnity has amassed a significant following, using her platform to amplify the call for change.

Produced by the acclaimed Terry Mann, ‘SPEAK’ showcases MAGNETS’ signature sound – a rich tapestry of textural layers and driving rhythms that envelop the listener in a wave of nostalgia. McGinnity’s commitment to both art and activism is evident, with each note serving as a reminder of the power of music to provoke reflection and incite action.

Following the success of ‘Down’ in November 2023, ‘SPEAK’ further solidifies MAGNETS’ position as a trailblazer in the music industry. McGinnity’s groundbreaking work, both musically and academically, underscores her dedication to driving meaningful change. With ‘SPEAK’, MAGNETS continues to electrify audiences, offering a beacon of hope in a world in need of voices willing to stand up and be heard.


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