Hailing from the heart of Manchester, The Marbellas are the embodiment of Northern soul and gritty indie rock. Formed in 2019, this quartet comprises Brish Harvey on vocals and acoustic guitar, Jordan Ames on lead guitar, Matty Cassidy on bass guitar, and Joe Deegan on drums. Their journey began in the vibrant neighbourhood of Ancoats, where fate brought them together through a mutual passion for music.

Their latest single, ‘Count Me In’, recorded in a whirlwind 10-hour session at Through The Roof recording studio, encapsulates their ethos of blending nostalgic Rock ‘n’ Roll with a modern twist. Mixed and mastered by Andy Cummings, the song reflects the band’s collective vision and individual influences, drawing inspiration from legends like The Smiths and The Stone Roses while infusing elements of contemporary indie sounds.

At its core, ‘Count Me In’ resonates with themes of self-discovery and acceptance, as songwriter Jordan Ames articulates, capturing the essence of navigating life’s journey at one’s own pace.

Brish Harvey sums up the band’s evolution succinctly, stating, “Since forming in 2019, The Marbellas have gone from strength to strength both musically and creatively.” Their latest release stands as a testament to their growth and solidifies their position as one of Manchester’s most promising indie acts. With infectious melodies and introspective lyrics, ‘Count Me In’ is a testament to The Marbellas’ undeniable talent and boundless potential.

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