WRKHOUSE’s latest single, ‘Snow’, is a poignant exploration of personal and relational growth, marking a significant transition for the alternative indie-rock quartet. Departing from their previous Welsh-language identity, the band continues to evolve with this track, serving as the second offering from their forthcoming EP, ‘Out Of The Blue‘.

Lead singer Lewys’s emotional journey is palpable throughout ‘Snow’, as he confronts the complexities of a flawed relationship against a backdrop of haunting melodies and introspective lyrics. The song’s origins on Lewys’s grandmother’s piano lend it a nostalgic quality that is seamlessly integrated into its atmospheric alt-pop sound.

Produced by Mark Gardener at OX4 Sound and expertly mixed and mastered by Ed Al-Shakarchi, ‘Snow’ delivers a dynamic sonic experience, oscillating between moments of restraint and explosive emotional release. Lewys’s introspective lyrics, born out of a tumultuous breakup, resonate deeply, capturing the raw intensity of personal transformation.

As BBC Cymru Fyw’s top 5 artists to watch in 2023 and now BBC Horizons Launchpad Fund awardees, WRKHOUSE continues to captivate audiences with their intelligent songwriting and atmospheric soundscapes. ‘Snow’ serves as a testament to their evolution as a band, setting the stage for the eagerly anticipated release of their EP ‘Out Of The Blue‘.

With its evocative storytelling and masterful instrumentation, ‘Snow’ establishes WRKHOUSE as a force to be reckoned with in the indie-rock scene.


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