Fond Of Rudy’s latest single, ‘Infatuation’, is a magnetic fusion of 80s nostalgia and contemporary pop-rock sensibilities that effortlessly captivates the listener. The band’s lineup, comprising Matt on vocals and rhythm guitar, Ross on lead guitar, Otto on bass, Si on drums, and James doubling as a live guitarist and saxophonist, brings a rich diversity of talent to the table.

The genesis of Fond Of Rudy traces back to humble beginnings in a Brighton garage, where Matt and Ross laid the foundation with their demos. With the addition of Otto and Si, the band’s sound evolved under the guidance of producer Martin, blending influences from 80s icons like WHAM! and modern acts such as The 1975 and LANY.

‘Infatuation’ is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a love story in musical form. Inspired by a long-distance romance that blossomed into something real, the song pulsates with heartfelt emotion and sincerity. Its infectious melody and poignant lyrics speak to the universal experience of being swept away by love.

Fond Of Rudy’s rise to prominence has been marked by notable achievements, including support from BBC Radio 6 and BBC Introducing London, as well as successful tours across the UK and North America. Their single ‘Imagination’ even found its way onto the soundtrack of the popular Japanese reality show, “Terrace House”.

Recorded remotely in bedroom sessions with producer Sam Ray, ‘Infatuation’ is a testament to the band’s DIY spirit and unwavering dedication to their craft. With its irresistible charm and genuine storytelling, this track solidifies Fond of Rudy’s place as rising stars in the indie music scene.

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