A new tune from down under, Tushar has brought us a sticky sweet slice of ozzy sunshine with their latest track ‘Peaches and Wine’. Their unique, sultry voice, bouncy melodies and electric guitar create a dreamy sound that radiates warmth, good vibes and everything you crave on a gloomy, grey day.

Tushar is an indie artist hailing from Adelaide, Australia, whose sunny disposition seeps through their music – producing indie-pop beats that make you feel the sun on your back and put a spring in your step.

Tushar has only recently taken to the stage as a solo artist and since then has dropped bop after bop including ‘Bloodshot Eyes’, ‘In Our Own Backyard’ and has
now treated us with yet another track to add to the soundtrack of summer.

‘Peaches and Wine’ emits exactly what it says on the bottle – with sticky sweet vocals, a full-bodied melody and a tingly background tambourine, all of which leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Complete with quintessential la la la’s and a catchy guitar riff, ‘Peaches and Wine’ flips your mood from the get go – filling your head with a montage of convertible car rides and tinnies by the sea.

The electric guitar and poppy drum beat is perfectly paired with poetic lyrics, some of which bring a certain contrast to its bright and happy beat. With “peaches filled with diseases” and “venomous smiles”, it paints a picture of that one, addictive person in your life that you can’t get enough of – no matter how hard they tap dance on your emotions.

‘Peaches and Wine’ is a great addition to Tushar’s repertoire of indie-pop tracks. Having truly cracked the code to getting large crowds moving and grooving, it’s no surprise Tushar is a seasoned frequenter of the festival scene up and down Australia. With so much love for this latest track radiating from the UK, fans hope to see them headline a nearby stage in the very near future.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

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