GETNER’s debut single, ‘White Walls’, serves as a powerful testament to the band’s ability to fuse raw emotion with unrelenting musical prowess. Hailing from Manchester with Irish roots, GETNER brings forth a genre-bending sound that defies traditional boundaries, captivating listeners with a potent blend of rock and the mystique of Irish storytelling.

‘White Walls’ is a visceral sonic experience that plunges listeners into the tumultuous aftermath of a breakup. From the opening chords, GETNER wastes no time in delivering an intense and unapologetic anthem that resonates with raw emotion. Clocking in at just two minutes, the track is a whirlwind of sound that leaves a lasting impression, showcasing the band’s talent for crafting concise yet impactful musical statements.

Driven by Manchester’s rich musical history, GETNER’s live performances are renowned for their raw energy and dynamic blend of influences. With ‘White Walls’, the band translates this electrifying energy into a studio recording that crackles with intensity from start to finish.

What sets GETNER apart is their ability to distill complex emotions into a compact and unforgettable musical experience. With ‘White Walls’, they have crafted a scathing breakup anthem that resonates on a visceral level, leaving listeners craving more of GETNER’s unique blend of Irish soul and rock unpredictability. GETNER’s debut single is not just a song – it’s a bold declaration of musical prowess and emotional authenticity.


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