KATZ’s latest offering, ‘Heaven Again’, is a burst of lo-fi energy that encapsulates the essence of their DIY ethos. Clocking in as their fastest track yet, the Manchester-based trio showcases their knack for blending classic rock and roll with a contemporary twist, delivering a seamless fusion of fuzzy garage rock with surf music vibes.

Ben Williams’ vocals, complemented by James Bradbury’s lead guitar and Paddy Murphy’s drumming, create an infectious rhythm that hooks listeners from the get-go. Embracing their minimalist setup with simple twin guitar melodies and a lack of bass, KATZ fully immerse themselves in the raw, unfiltered charm of lo-fi production.

‘Heaven Again’ exudes a refreshing brevity, with its short and snappy structure never overstaying its welcome. It’s a testament to the band’s ability to embrace their limitations while still delivering a compelling sonic experience. As they navigate their own path through the crowded lo-fi indie scene, KATZ proudly champion the DIY spirit, carving out a niche that’s distinctly their own.

For fans of Surf Curse, Teen Suicide, or Ty Segall, ‘Heaven Again’ is a must-listen, offering a tantalising glimpse into KATZ’s evolving sound. With more songs on the horizon, this trio is undoubtedly one to watch in the indie music landscape.

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