‘King of Broken Hearts’ is the latest release from Mancunian four-piece, Lost Legs. Following the success of their EP, ‘Last Laugh’, ‘King of Broken Hearts’ boasts their commitment to creating edgy, indie–rock bangers, and provides an angsty anthem for those recklessly tumbling through complicated relationships.

Lost Legs is made up of all the components of a solid band, with Tom Monaghan on bass, Brandon Taylor on lead guitar, Dylan Jupp on drums and Simon Stirzacker on lead vocals.

With essences of classic Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks and Paramore circa 2007, Lost Legs effortlessly creates indie-rock tunes worthy of anthem status, with punchy drums, catchy chords and impressive vocals. For Lost Legs, each tune spins a different narrative as colloquialisms and a quintessential mancunian touch are weaved throughout their lyrics – giving all of their tracks an attractive relatability that you can’t help but sing along to.

Their latest release, ‘King of Broken Hearts’, continues this legacy, but with an arguably grittier edge. With an incredibly catchy chorus you’ll be singing for the foreseeable, ‘King of Broken Hearts’ is not only a great successor to their previous EP, but a pristine example of their collective talent. Vigorous drums, plucky bass and powerful guitar riffs work harmoniously together to create a darker, sexier vibe which marries well with lyrics that spin the tale of the King of Broken Hearts himself. The track uniquely reflects an instance where lust has triumphed over love; perfectly painting a scene of how complicated relationships can get when not everyone is on the same page.

The track’s protagonist warns his lovers of the trail of broken hearts that lay behind him as he sows his wild oats, acting as a true reflection of how the modern world embraces sex for pleasure’s sake, acting on human nature and just how tangled all that can get.

With a large repertoire of streaming triumphs, and countless performances up and down the UK, Lost Legs have truly got their heads screwed on. ‘King of Broken Hearts’ has satisfied those left wanting more after ‘Last Laugh’, and fans can’t wait to see what else they have in store for them. Be sure to catch Lost Legs in a venue near you, or head to Manchester on March 23rd as Lost Legs hit the stage at Gullivers to support Funeral Care.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

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