With their self-titled debut album set to hit the airwaves, This Rebel is poised to make a lasting impression on the indie rock scene, and their latest single ‘Cheap Thought’ serves as a tantalising preview of what’s to come. Inspired by a blend of Murder Ballads and free noise, This Rebel, led by Phil Etheridge and Jon ‘Simmo’ Simcox, presents a raw and unapologetic sound that captivates from the first note.

‘Cheap Thought’ delves into the complexities of truth and the sometimes harsh realities that accompany it. Etheridge’s vocals soar over a backdrop of distorted guitars and pulsating rhythms, creating a sense of urgency and unease that perfectly encapsulates the song’s theme. The use of effects like the Space Echo and Eventide H910 adds layers of depth and texture, elevating the track to new heights.

As with their previous singles ‘Heartstopper‘ and ‘Same Every Time’, ‘Cheap Thought’ showcases This Rebel’s ability to craft thought-provoking lyrics and infectious melodies that stick with you long after the music fades. The chemistry between Etheridge and Simcox is palpable, reflecting years of friendship and creative collaboration.

Hailing from the depths of The Black Country, This Rebel’s origin story adds another layer of intrigue to their music. It’s clear that their journey, marked by both triumphs and tribulations, has shaped the sound and soul of their debut album.

Looking ahead, This Rebel is poised for success, armed with a collection of songs that serve as a testament to their resilience and passion for music. With ‘Cheap Thought’ leading the charge, This Rebel is ready to carve out their own path in the indie rock landscape, leaving an indelible mark on listeners in the process.

Photo by Charlotte Simcox

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