Castles in Canopy’s ‘Take A Picture With Me’ is a vibrant testament to the band’s evolution and commitment to their craft. Hailing from Manchester, this indie-pop quartet seamlessly blends nostalgic vibes with contemporary flair, reminiscent of the Killers, Keane, and Blossoms.

With their 10th single, ‘Take A Picture With Me’, Castles in Canopy continues to captivate listeners with their signature rich sound and diverse songwriting. The track is a melodic journey that showcases the band’s versatility while staying true to their indie roots.

From the infectious hooks to the emotive lyricism, ‘Take A Picture With Me’ is a testament to the band’s growth and ambition. Castles in Canopy’s dedication to extending their reach beyond their hometown is evident in this release, as they aim to secure gigs throughout the North West and beyond.

In a time where nostalgic indie music is experiencing a resurgence, Castles in Canopy stands out as a beacon of Mancunian magic. With ‘Take A Picture With Me’, they invite listeners to join them on their musical journey, promising an experience that is both familiar and refreshingly new. Get involved and witness the magic unfold.

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