Jess Abran’s latest EP, ‘Diary of a Flame‘, serves as a poignant reflection on the passage of time and the nostalgic embrace of youth. Abran artfully weaves together a collection of tracks that read like chapters in a memoir, each song a vivid snapshot of her formative years.

In ‘That Song’, Abran transports listeners back to the highs and lows of high school, capturing the essence of young love and the bittersweet nostalgia of adolescence. Originally penned by guitarist Michael Riechel, the track exudes a honey-like sweetness that lingers long after the final note fades.

Diary of a Flame‘ is more than just an EP; it’s a time capsule, a heartfelt tribute to the people and experiences that shaped Abran’s journey. From the angst of teenage rebellion to the ache of loss, each song is infused with raw emotion and unfiltered honesty.

Abran’s gratitude shines through in every note, a testament to the profound impact of those who have crossed her path. With this release, she invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery and reflection, reminding us all of the enduring power of memory and music.

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