Keyside’s latest single, ‘Nikita’, encapsulates the essence of Liverpool’s vibrant music scene with a poignant narrative and soul-stirring melodies. Lead vocalist Dan Parker’s lyrical prowess shines as he delves into the emotional complexities of abandonment and longing, drawing inspiration from personal experiences. Through ‘Nikita’, Parker weaves a tale of resilience amidst despair, echoing the struggles of a girl left to navigate the shadows cast by addiction.

Backed by honeyed guitars and pulsating rhythms, Keyside’s sound channels the spirit of Liverpool’s musical heritage while infusing it with a contemporary edge. Produced by Chris Taylor of Kempston Street Studios, ‘Nikita’ resonates with raw authenticity and a refreshing burst of energy, marking Keyside as a frontrunner in the northwest’s musical resurgence.

With a lineup boasting talents like Ben Cassidy, Oisin McAvoy, and Max Gibson, Keyside has carved a niche for themselves as a dynamic live act, captivating audiences alongside industry heavyweights like Jamie Webster and Shed Seven. ‘Nikita’ not only showcases the band’s musical prowess but also serves as a poignant reminder of the fragility of human existence, making it a must-listen for enthusiasts of heartfelt, soul-stirring music.

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