With ‘Gone Is the Day’, Kodaclips unveils a mesmerising journey through the intricacies of dysfunctional family dynamics, marking a poignant anticipation of their upcoming album of the same name. Released via Sister 9 Records, this single seamlessly navigates between lighter, ethereal tones and heavier, introspective sounds, mirroring the inner conflicts and scars resulting from tumultuous familial relationships.

Embracing elements of shoegaze, post-punk, and psychedelia, Kodaclips crafts a sonic landscape characterised by deep reverberations, abrasive distortions, and hypnotic vocal spirals. Produced by the band themselves and expertly mixed and mastered by James Aparicio, the track captivates listeners with its raw intensity and emotional depth.

Accompanied by a visually stunning videoclip shot at the nostalgic Hangar in Cesena, Italy, ‘Gone Is the Day’ poignantly captures the longing to preserve fading memories in a world rapidly succumbing to change. The vibrant colours and cinematic relics of the location serve as a fitting metaphor for the song’s theme, amplifying its resonance and poignancy.

Founded by four friends hailing from Cesena, Kodaclips seamlessly blend their diverse artistic backgrounds, infusing their music with 90s vibes and experimental flair. Building on the success of their debut album ‘Glances‘, released in 2022, and the acclaimed single ‘Not My Sound’, Kodaclips continues to solidify their presence in the international shoegaze scene.

With ‘Gone Is the Day’, Kodaclips delivers a captivating sonic odyssey that resonates with emotional authenticity, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating their forthcoming album’s release on September 6th.

Photo by Matilde Pretolesi

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