KITES, hailing from Newcastle Upon Tyne, deliver a sonic experience that’s a delightful fusion of grunge-tainted indie rock with a hint of nostalgia. Their latest offering, ‘Innocence & Gold’,¬†encapsulates the essence of longing and missed opportunities, resonating deeply with listeners through its raw energy and emotional authenticity.

Lead singer Kane Teal’s vocals soar with a sense of yearning, perfectly complementing the song’s theme of regret and unspoken words. Originally conceived on acoustic guitars, the track evolves organically, seamlessly blending elements of pop with alt-indie rock. What emerges is a captivating sound that feels both familiar and fresh.

The production of ‘Innocence & Gold’ is a testament to the band’s commitment to crafting a rich sonic landscape while preserving their signature grunge aesthetic. Recording at Blank Studios and enlisting the expertise of Chris McManus, Gethin Pearson, and Steven Kerry for mixing and mastering, KITES succeeds in creating a track that is both sonically complex and emotionally resonant.

Throughout the song, there’s a sense of space and atmosphere that allows each instrument to shine, from the evocative guitar riffs to the pulsating rhythm section. It’s a testament to KITES’ skill as musicians and their ability to translate raw emotion into music that speaks to the soul.

‘Innocence & Gold’ is not just a song; it’s a journey through the depths of human emotion, leaving an indelible mark on anyone who listens. With this release, KITES solidify their place as one of the most exciting bands emerging from the Northeast indie circuit.

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