Noak Hellsing returns with the first single from his upcoming EP ‘SHIFT’, set to release on Thursday 18th July. With ‘Empty the Bags’, Hellsing delves into a world of disco and soul, showcasing his remarkable ability to traverse genre effortlessly.

‘Empty the Bags’ is a testament to his versatility, blending pop, soul, and disco, whilst delivering a performance that is both authentic and compelling. The lyrics, co-written by Noak Hellsing, Chelcee Grimes, Jacob Werner and Elias Edman, offer a unique perspective, infusing a touch of darkness into an otherwise hopeful narrative.

“‘Empty the Bags’ is more than just a song. It’s a powerful narrative about dedication and unconditional love. It’s about how far we’re willing to go to protect what’s dear to us.” explains Hellsing.

This opening single is a powerful story wrapped in a catchy, genre-defying package, and offers a brilliant glimpse into what we can expect from Noak Hellsing’s forthcoming EP.

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