The latest single from The Manatees, ‘Innocence of Youth’ is a showcase of their alt-pop versatility. Combining their upbeat and energetic style with a more polished shoegaze influence.

The lyrics tell the tumultuous story of growing up and grappling with the mistakes you make in life, which overpin a lively and euphoric guitar and synth melody which is both emotionally resonant and irresistibly catchy.

I wrote ‘Innocence of Youth’ as a ‘coming to terms’ with past mistakes,” explains singer Jay. “Growing up is hard and we’re bound to slip up. We’re human – we harm, we lie, we steal, we cheat. We also get hurt, get lied to, get stolen from and get cheated. As a band we’re now in our ’20s, we’ve hurt and we’ve been hurt. I put it down to the innocence of youth. It’s not a get out of jail free card, regret is a good thing, but we need to move on eventually. Of course it’s easy to say, harder to practice.

‘Innocence of Youth’ picks up from the success of their ‘Different State Of Mind‘ EP and appearances at SXSW, Made In Chelsea and their UK tour. The track is a must listen, perfectly capturing the essence of youthful recklessness within an infectious, windows-down anthem.

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