DAYTIME TV’s latest single, ‘So Sick’, is a defiant anthem that channels the band’s frustration with the viral obsession of the music industry. As the lead single of their EP ‘Island‘, ‘So Sick’ combines soaring, anthemic choruses with a strong 80s influences – reflecting the band’s desire to fuse nostalgic sounds with a forward-thinking edge.

Vocalist Will Irvine explains where the story behind the song comes from and the disillusionment with the industry given today’s digital landscape. “It started from a point of frustration with the music industry having a tendency to make artists second guess themselves all the time in the search for something with “viral potential”. That’s not the way to make authentic music that’s real and will stand the test of time. We just wrote what we felt, which at that point was essentially defiance against the process. We were working to other peoples schedules but knew we needed to get on our own flow to properly do our thing. A lot of music out there sounds the same to me now and the idea of making more of that is really boring. I think a large part of the industry is forcing artists to focus on what’s ‘trending’ or what could go ‘viral’ rather than what is real and genuine artistically. It’s a protest against that style of thinking“.

You can feel this strong ethos throughout ‘So Sick’ as DAYTIME TV showcase their authenticity and artistic integrity. They invite listener to break from societal constraints and find sanctuary in music, a strong message delivers with attitude throughout ‘So Sick’ and their EP.


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