‘Coloured Plastic’ is the latest track released from Manchester’s own electronic pop duo, Beck Pocket. Encompassing all things Y2K, this latest track takes us late 90’s kids right back to a much simpler time.

Beck Pocket brings to the table something completely unique, with their dedication to creating tracks coated in 00s nostalgia, from their self-crafted beats, infectious melodies, dreamy synths and vocals.

Pulling inspiration from a delicious mix of influences including dance, house, and iconic UK garage, Beck Pocket effortlessly paint a picture of bright inflatable furniture, television static, and late night radio playing past your bedtime. With deep bass and airy vocals courtesy of Viv Griffin, and genius, retro synths by Jasper Clarke, this electronic duo have poured their hearts and minds into ‘Coloured Plastic’ and successfully achieved that nostalgic vibe.

With a bass line to make your head bop and a simple yet addictive melody, ‘Coloured Plastic’ is a solid piece of contemporary music with all the components of a classic floor filler from the turn of the millennium. Viv’s breathy vocals perfectly match the trance-like vibe, as she sings of how easy it is to get lost in the sweet memories of the 2000’s where your worries and qualms stopped at Tamagotchis, Neopets and losing your last DS stylus.

As we’re now surrounded by shades of metallic grey and black, ‘Coloured Plastic’ takes us back to a time where our favourite possessions were made of bright plastic, required two double AAs and would survive the bounce across a laminate floor. Placed as an overt symbol of how simple things were back then, ‘Coloured Plastic’ reminds us of how nothing seemed to be overcomplicated, and how tumbling into mourning the ignorance of childhood is an easy, yet fun way to escape today’s reality.

Having only been released April 5th, ‘Coloured Plastic’ has already been very well received, having been featured on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Radio Manchester. This latest release, alongside their previous release of ‘Gold’, have been plucked straight from their upcoming EP, ‘All Your Dreams’. As fans await its release, Beck Pocket can be found playing a variety of performances, including the Manchester Jazz Festival on the 17th May, and Band on the Wall on the 13th June. But if you can’t wait till then, stream Coloured Plastic on Spotify now.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

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