Over the last month, we’ve seen Hannah Mazey flourish. Not just over her social media, but with her latest single ‘Pretentious’. The single came out late March and has already seen humongous support over on Spotify the last month with over 30,000 plays.

I must say, the track has gotten me through countless late night Library sessions during the height of my degree and let’s just say, I’ve used this song to tell so many lads on Hinge and Tinder to simple F*ck Off. So, from all the girls out there, we thank you for writing a song about how we girlies feel.

The track as a whole gives me Avril Lavigne vibes, from the bouncy guitar riff to just reiterating how “you’re a pretentious prick”. The lyrics describe a typical situationship of a lad being unable to settle down and how the girl can’t get you out of their head no matter how many red flags there are (we’re colour blind okay?). We are constantly wanting more from the track as it builds up throughout the pre-chorus and chorus with its insanely addictive guitar riff.

There is so many expectations now for the singer, will we get some gig news soon?

Written by Izzy Hegarty

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