The latest single from South Yorkshire trio FloodHounds, ‘Near-Life Experience’ is an explosive alt-rock anthem. The punchy and powerful track stands out with electrifying guitar riffs and dark melodic vocals, capturing the struggle of a jaded soul striving to reclaim their passion for life.

Recorded at The Magic Garden Studio (known for producing Kid Kapichi and The Blinders amongst others), ‘Near-Life Experience’ shines with its hard hitting breakdown, described by drummer Lauren Graces as a “half-time monster of a riff”. Boosted by chaotic feedback and powerful call-and-response vocals, ‘Near-Life Experience’ promises to captive live audiences, evoking “face-melting, riff-loving joy” as Jack Flynn says.

This thunderous song has followed the success of previous singles ‘Quicksand’ and ‘Psychosemantics’ and was a fan favourite before it was released. FloodHounds continue to cement their place in the alt-rock scene and with this latest offering their certainly establishing that influential and iconic sound.

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