Haytor’s latest release, ‘The Headlines’, is a powerful demonstration of the band’s evolution, blending introspective and cynical lyrics with a dynamic indie-rock sound. Haytor have been steadily gaining momentum with the backing of BBC Radio and a continuously growing fanbase. Comprised of Austin Robison (Vocals), Jonny Lewis (Lead Guitar), Cal Verney (Drums) and David Kittow (Bass), Haytor deliver high energy performances that are as vibrant as they are charismatic.

‘The Headlines’ stands out as a raucous anthem that perfectly encapsulates the frustrations of our time. The song channels the band’s anger towards a broken political system that targets society’s most vulnerable to benefit a select few. This powerful statement is soundtracked by energetic riffs and anthemic choruses, making it not just a protest song, but a banger that demands attention. Robison’s poignant vocals cut through with a raw intensity, accompanied by Lewis’ incredible guitar work, Verney’s pounding drums and Kittow’s driving bass.

Haytor’s ability to blend meaningful, socially conscious lyrics with powerful high energy melodies makes ‘The Headlines’ a standout track and a must-listen for all indie rock fans.

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