Vacant Weekend’s latest single, ‘Funny Dad’, showcases the Manchester trio’s emotive indie rock sound. Delivering a raw, heartfelt sentiment wrapped in an upbeat and jangly summer hit.

Known for their distinct blend of jangly guitar melodies and their unique spoken vocal style, Vacant Weekend have added an extra element to their songwriter which brings together all the previous experiences and utilises their strong relation to create a song that resonates so well with their audience due to its authenticity. ‘Funny Dad’ expresses an emotional and vulnerable side to the band which is hidden behind bright instrumentation and nostalgic summer vibes.

Inspired by a variety of Disco and 200s indie-rock music, Vacant Weekend have been able to build a distinct sound that has seen them grow and gain momentum, culminating in notable festival appearances and the backing of Spotify, Apple Music and BBC Radio 6.

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