Lachlan’s latest single, ‘I Tried’, embodies the essence of indie-rock with infectious riffs, driving drums, and dancing basslines, all wrapped in the poignant theme of grappling with the ghosts of past love. At just 24 years old, Lachlan, hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, showcases a maturity and depth in his songwriting that belies his age.

Having cut his teeth in various bands before venturing into solo territory in 2020, Lachlan proves his mettle with this release. ‘I Tried’ delves into the emotional complexities of moving on from a former flame, capturing the universal struggle of attempting to escape the memories that linger like shadows.

The song’s chorus paints a vivid picture of futile evasion, where no matter the distance or effort, the spectre of the past remains omnipresent. Lachlan’s evocative lyrics and heartfelt delivery resonate deeply, drawing listeners into a narrative of yearning and introspection.

Recorded with precision and finesse, ‘I Tried’ showcases Lachlan’s evolution as an artist. Collaborating with acclaimed producer Chris Marshall and now refining his craft with Venice of the North in Glasgow, Lachlan demonstrates a commitment to sonic excellence.

With its blend of raw emotion and infectious melodies, ‘I Tried’ solidifies Lachlan’s position as a rising star in the indie scene. This track is not just a song – it’s a testament to the enduring power of honest, heartfelt music.

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