Vacant Weekend’s latest single, ‘Talk’, emerges as a vibrant testament to the raw realities of young adulthood, infused with the infectious energy of indie instrumentation. Following the success of their previous release, ‘My Addictions’, this Manchester-based trio continues to captivate audiences with their forthcoming maxi-EP, slated for a summer debut under the Cosmic Glue label.

Drawing inspiration from the candid narratives of Mike Skinner’s seminal work, ‘Original Pirate Material‘, Vacant Weekend masterfully mirrors the gritty, solitary essence of everyday life for the apathetic twenty-something. With ‘Talk’, they invite listeners into a world brimming with honesty and authenticity, urging them to confront the challenges of modern existence while surrendering to the irresistible urge to dance.

The band’s evolution is palpable, as they seamlessly blend introspective lyricism with buoyant melodies, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with depth and vitality. Vocalist Alex’s embrace of vulnerability marks a significant milestone, steering away from the pursuit of technical perfection in favour of a voice that rings true to their identity. As they aptly put it, “I used to be the singer, now I just talk,” signalling a profound shift towards self-expression and authenticity.

Hailing from Cumbria and now firmly rooted in Manchester, Vacant Weekend channels their shared musical passion into an eclectic fusion of disco, Motown, and indie-rock influences. The result is a distinctively funky, groove-infused brand of indie rock that captivates from start to finish.

With accolades from BBC Radio 6’s Chris Hawkins and a growing presence on streaming platforms, including an impressive showing on TikTok, Vacant Weekend’s trajectory is one of promise and potential. ‘Talk’ not only showcases their artistic maturation but also sets the stage for a thrilling new chapter in their musical journey.

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