The latest single from alt-rock band The Ilfords tells a story through the mind of a soldier in a foreign land. ‘Snake Groove’ takes influence from a combination of riffs from Queens of the Stone Age, and the dramatic climax has almost choral elements, harking back to medieval bards telling stories of old and choirs singing about ancient battles.

‘Snake Groove’ is part of a collection of 4 powerful singles queued up for release this summer and ending with the EP release in 2025. Hailing from Ilford Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, their sound draws from a broad set of influences including punk, dance, hip hop, screamo, funk, indie, gangster rap, poetry and hardcore, pulling influences from guitar bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, Enter Shikari, IDLES, The Maccabees, Palace and Foals. They’ve forged a name for themselves with their raucous live performances.

‘Snake Groove’ has attracted critical acclaim and national radio attention, solidifying The Ilford’s status. They’ve found a way to amplify their raw, innovative sound to both recorded and live performances.

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