Corella are back with ‘Lady Messiah’, an upbeat, shimmering stomp-clapper to kick-start a summer of music.

Since 2019, their singles have garnered praise from BBC R1 and Clash Magazine, & having confirmed a string of tour dates this summer, their newest track might just be their most accomplished to date. ‘Lady Messiah’ itself sees Corella inject splashes of folk to their staple indie-rock sound, Corella continue to expand their developing sound.

With a thumping rhythm, Corella are already channelling the sounds of rock you’d find in a Kings of Leon track; blending traditional indie with splashes of country in its string arrangements. Such a style is sorely missed in todays’s scene and propels the tune alongside the vocals of Joel Smith, who’s voice only adds to the bravado to ‘Lady Messiah’.

The tracks’s chorus, whilst elusively minimal, crawls into that part of the mind the listener simply can’t shake. On ‘Lady Messiah’, the band said, “[it’s] about a woman in your life who you idolise. Someone who you look up to and cherish, whether it’s your mum, sister, daughter, auntie, elder, or even your next door neighbour – the song connects with every woman that has been there in our lives, past, or present.”

To tread this line is no easy task, but bright strings and a crashing section of Ben Henderson and James Fawcett offset these very raw emotions to a T. The backing vocals bounce and ricochet off Smith’s lead and, after something of a sombre latter-half, an emotional solo segment from Jack Taylor almost leaves the listener catching their breath. However, the track’s conclusion never outstays its welcome, rather leaves you wanting more.

“Everyone can relate to this track, which is why we are so excited to finally release it. No matter where they are in the world, she’ll always be there.”

Their debut album, Once Upon a Weekend, is out May 3rd.

Written by Will Monham

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