German band, Roast Apple release their latest song, and final track on their EP, ‘Crystal’. An invigorating indie-pop gem that captures the essence of their journey and the bond that ties them together. The track reflects the deep heartfelt camaraderie the four childhood friends have and collective dream-chasing spirit.

With over 300 performances and 2 million streams, Roast Apple has earned a dedicated following, offering a sound reminiscent of Parcels and Two Door Cinema Club. ‘Crystal’ is more than just a song; it’s a hopeful anthem of new beginnings and adventures, filled with infectious rhythms and uplifting melodies.

This Hamburg-based band’s DIY ethos and energetic live shows shine through in every beat, making ‘Crystal’ a testament to their passion and resilience. Perfect for fans of danceable, genuine indie-pop, Roast Apple’s latest release is a promising taste of what’s yet to come.

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