Kristian Sveholm, aka TNYEYS, debuts his single ‘Lark Lane’, featuring Andreas H. Kase. The first release from his forthcoming album ‘The Lark Lane Melancholy‘, showcases a deep reverence from the vibrant and eclectic ambiance street in Liverpool that the track is named after. TNYEYS, a versatile producer and multi-instrumentalist, builds on his foundations from LIPA and experience with Something Sally and Karpe to create an impressive debut solo single.

‘Lark Lane’ is a blend of nostalgia and innovation, reflecting TNYEYS experience of transitioning from touring to producing. The debut single showcases Sveholm’s collaborative intentions by featuring Andreas H. Kase on the song and allowing listenerrs to join their musical exploration. The dynamic melodies and complex arrangements show how much he has grown as an artist to include various styles within his sound. ‘Lark Lane’ is a brilliant introduction to the narrative of ‘The Lark Lane Melancholy‘. TNYEYS beautifully captures the essence of Lark Lane, making it not just a song but a tribute to a place that has shaped his artistic vision.


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