This Rebel’s debut single, ‘Heartstopper’, offers a thrilling glimpse into the chemically-propelled, loose-lipped collective spearheaded by Phil Etheridge (The Twang) and Jon ‘Simmo’ Simcox (known for his work with Liam Gallagher, The Kills, FKA Twigs, and Bring Me The Horizon). The self-titled album, set for release on March 8th, 2024, promises a unique sonic journey inspired by “Murder Ballads” and free noise, fortified by an impressive array of musical tools such as the Space Echo and Eventide H910.

The story of This Rebel originated in the heart of England’s Midlands, The Black Country, in 2008, when Simcox met Etheridge while touring as the monitor engineer for The Twang. A deep friendship blossomed, leading to a creative partnership that found its clear vision during the tumultuous Spring of 2020. The lockdown period became a catalyst for Etheridge and Simcox, providing them with the time and inspiration to craft a collection of songs that evolved into a cohesive full-length record.

‘Heartstopper’, the debut single, serves as a powerful introduction to This Rebel’s cinematic cocktail of soulful, blues-tinged indie rock. The track showcases a seamless blend of Etheridge’s and Simcox’s musical prowess, with a promise of more to come. The collaborative effort extends beyond the duo, incorporating talents like Jonny Scott (Chvrches) and vocalist Cat Matigue (Tom Grennan) into the mix, resulting in a rich and textured sound.

As the duo anticipates interesting live shows in early 2024, the excitement for the upcoming record is palpable. Simcox’s assurance of a distinctive live experience and Etheridge’s pride in creating a musical documentation of their lives over the past few years underscore the genuine passion behind This Rebel. ‘Heartstopper’ stands as a testament to their rekindled creative flame, offering a taste of the beautifully crafted songs that reflect the duo’s artistic metamorphosis. This Rebel is set to blaze its own trail, and if ‘Heartstopper’ is any indication, it’s a journey worth following.

Photo by Charlotte Simcox

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