There’s been so many good songs released today (Hudsun & Uno Mas to name two) but there’s only one track we can pick for our Track of the Week and it has to be the incredible single ‘Do You Want Me?’ from The Recreation. This song got it’s world premiere on XS Manchester Breakfast Show and it didn’t seem out of place in-between David Bowie and Oasis.

Gritty guitars and stadium rhythms set the stage for the new cut, tied together by front-man Owen Baldwin’s dextrous vocals and honest lyrics that evoke the struggle of the truest gamble: love.

We had a chat with Baldwin to get some insight into The Recreation

Who are you?
Owen From The Rec

Where are you from?

Describe yourself in three words…
Personable, polite and passionate

What are you influences?
Influenced by love for the people and things that surround me

What is the highlight of your career so far…
Not so much one specific point but both the tours we did last year were the time of our live… probably the Glasgow gigs, something in the water up there

What is the worst gig you’ve played?
Even the bad ones are learning curves but probs Blackburn in 2015, played to a barman and a doorman

If you could create your own gig who would you play with?
It would be to a sold out Boundary Park and we’d be headlining, support would come from an opening acoustic set marking his return to the scene from Stephen Fretwell… Followed by a big singalong with Billy Ocean before we take the stage

What’s your karaoke song?
Don’t do karaoke, cos if i try i’m pretentious and if I use my pub singing voice i’m told i’m poor at what i do

What’s next for the band?
Rock N Roll Stardom

Best three new bands…
Fontaines DC, The Snuts, Melt Yourself Down, Talk Show, M60, Brittany Howard, Black Country, New Road – I couldn’t pick 3 theres a few

The Recreation tour dates:

March 21 Warrington The Lounge
March 28 Newcastle Think Tank?
April 10 Nottingham Chameleon Arts Cafe
April 11 Manchester Eagle Inn
April 16 London Old Blue Last
April 17 Chelmsford The Hot Box
May 07 Glasgow 13th Note
May 08 Preston The Ferret
May 23 Birmingham Dark Horse
May 29 Northwich Salty Dog
May 30 Liverpool Jacaranda

Written by: Stuart Daley