One of our favourite bands, The Jade Assembly, are back with new music, which somehow is a step above their already high standards. ‘Take Me Home’ has all the energy and angst we love from The Jade Assembly with the added tightness and professionalism they’ve developed from the incredible shows they’ve played in 2019.

Who are you?
We are The Jade Assembly from Bolton
John Foster – lead singer/guitarist, Andy Watson – drums, Danny Hayes – bass, Gareth Smedley – lead guitar

Describe yourself in three words…
Indie Rock n Roll near enough 3

What are you influences?
We take influences from all genres of music we all listen to a lot of different stuff.

What is the highlight of your career so far…
Playing at the ISLE OF WIGHT festival in 2018, we have done some great things but this really stands out

If you could create your own gig who would you play with?
3 bands we would love to play on the bill with would be Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and of course Oasis there’s so many to name they’re just off top of my head.

What’s your karaoke song?
My karaoke song is under pressure Queen and David Bowie

What’s next for the band?
We have a new single out today, ‘Take me Home’ and our album pretty much ready to go we’re just waiting for the live scene to come back then we can release the album and do a national tour to promote it – watch this space

Best three new bands…
3 best local bands  Our Fold Jordan Allen and Narrow Margin

Written by: Stuart Daley