Indie pop extraordinaires The Covasettes are back with more incredible music. ‘Spin’ is the latest single from Manchester based band accompanied by an equally good track ‘Irate’. ‘Spin’ takes a bit of a heavier sound than usual for The Covasettes but they’ve worked it perfectly and it contains all the catchy riffs and sing along vocals you would expect from this band.

We had a chat with frontman Chris Buxton to get some insight into the band.

Who are you?
Chris Buxton of El Covasettes.

Where are you from?
Northampton (the band met in Manchester though)

Describe yourself in three words…
Sent from heaven

What are you influences?
Anything with a good vibe and a big chorus I can get into. At the minute I’m loving bands like JAWS, jungle giants and the new circa waves album.

What is the highlight of your career so far…
Playing at Leeds Arena after winning ‘The most exciting band of 2018’ at the ARIA’s. I was ready to retire there and then. I think we suited playing at arenas too!

What is the worst gig you’ve played?
We’ve had some pretty awful gigs in our time. For me it has to be Verve bar in Leeds around 2018. I can safely say no one in that room liked music or us. But that is a story for another time.

If you could create your own gig who would you play with?
Right, we’ll open up for Coldplay. Stick Noely G in at main support and you’ve got a good night on your hands.

What’s your karaoke song?
Landslide – Fleetwood mac. If I can make it to the end without crying.

What’s next for the band?
We’ve just released Spin and that took it all out of us, so we’re just going to chill and work on new music together. The stuff we’re coming out with recently is class (I think) so I just want to get stuck into that whilst we’re all on lockdown together.

Best three new bands…
Riscas, Zuzu, Jack Found

Written by: Stuart Daley