HI SIENNA – Manchester’s Alt-Pop sensation – have released their highly infectious single ‘Car’. The band’s third single is a step away from their catchy pop sound to a more dynamic record with an eruption of synths, guitars and bass that will have you grooving along and has a beat that is perfect to be played in clubs.

Who are you
We are PoppyJo, Ste Darling, Si James and Chris Ellis and together we make up the INSANE new alt-pop band, HI SIENNA.

Where are you from?
As PoppyJo is the most important (?), we say we’re from Salford to keep her happy but two of us are reet Yorkshire men – so you can imagine the amounts of northern-offs we have!

Describe yourself in three words…
Different, Unique, Boisterous. (or just really f*cking good)

What are you influences?
We would say we are mostly influenced by the likes of Blondie, Florence and The Machine and The XX – but we don’t sound like any of them!! Our music tastes vary from House to Punk to Classic Rock which is why writing music can be both challenging and exciting haha! We draw from everything we hear; combining electronic synths with John Squire sounding guitar riffs and with PoppyJo’s husky vocals to tie it altogether we really create a mixed bag!!

What is the highlight of your career so far…
You’d think we’d say playing the O2 Ritz but being Andy Burnham’s ‘Mayor’s Band of the Month’ made all our dreams come true. 

What is the worst gig you’ve played?
We ended up at some biker festival once – can’t even remember what it’s called now but we rocked up in bright pink outfits to a bunch of unsuspecting Harley Davidson riders and to say you couldn’t cut the atmosphere with a knife would be an understatement. We played our very POP set, with PoppyJo bouncing around the stage in a pink tutu, before making a swift exit out the back (and grabbing a few crates from the rider too!) Definitely had a few guilty-pleasure listeners from that though, I swear to god – you can imagine it now – some bearded guy in full leathers listening to our single, Favourite Thing, on repeat in the mirror to himself hahaha

If you could create your own gig who would you play with?
It’s hard because i reckon most of the people we’d play with have sadly passed away so i don’t think it would be a very fun gig ? But of course it would have to be our heroes; Bowie and Prince. And OF COURSE our set would be JOINT with the man himself, David Byrne. PoppyJo likes to think she’s as good of a dancer but i think she’s got some learning to do.

What’s your karaoke song?
B B B Bennie and The Jets!!! There’s only one rule at karaoke – EVERYONE has to sing.

What’s next for the band?
FESTIVALS! We are DESPERATE to get back to it and are so grateful that we’ve been chosen to play some amazing local festivals (now rescheduled) for next year such as Liverpool Sound City, Hit The North, Corbridge and even the Main Stage at Bingley Weekender! Better get the tents ready!!

Best three new bands…
Do Nothing, Working Mens Club, Freeda

Written by: Stuart Daley