One of our favourite bands Venus Demilo have just upped their game even higher. We made their release ‘Holding You’ our Track Of The Day in January and they’ve blown us away with the follow up ‘Alone In My Head’. Venus Demilo has stuck to a similar theme surrounding the lyrics but this time have delved into the hardship of lockdown and spending too much time alone with your own thoughts. ‘Alone In My Head’ has a very relaxing feel to the melody, juxtaposed with the deep lyrics fighting against Mental Alone and being trapped with your own mind.

Tom comments “writing this song was almost like I was having a conversation with myself. I
wrote the chorus in the first lockdown when I was taking my one solitary walk of the day and
one half of me was saying this shit will never end and the other half was saying don’t be so
dramatic. I’ve always been a chronic overthinker and I’d find myself on these walks
remembering random events that I wasn’t proud of from the past and would really beat myself
up for what I might have done or said, so I wrote this song to try and contextualise those
thoughts and try and deal with them”.

For fan of The Wombats, Bombay Bicycle Club, Chvrches

Written by: Stuart Daley