TUSHAR is the next in our long list of Australian acts that seem to be dominating the airwaves at the moment. He is an Indian boy from Adelaide who’s debut single ‘Arthur’ has made its way overseas and is a beautifully relaxing sound. The title name ‘Arthur’ is a pseudonym for what TUSHAR describes and his enemy, Arthritis. The upbeat melody covers the more serious and painful emotions in the lyrics but gives a feel-good vibe that makes you want to dance along – rather ironically.

Despite it being his debut single, ‘Arthur’ has a really professional quality to it and won’t feel out of place amongst acts like Ocean Alley, Alfie Templeman and Lime Cordiale. The laidback and incredibly catchy melody in this song has just drifts through your ears and relaxes you instantly, making it perfect for those holiday travels that we’re all pining for. I can’t wait to hear more fro TUSHAR if this is how he’s starting out and will certainly be on my list to an eye out for, I would advise you to do the same.




Written by Stuart Daley